About Us

MB Carpet, Inc. has alot of history and in a sense is an heirloom treasure. The present owner, Kathleen Paynter followed in her fathers footsteps, B. L. Edgar, whom was an owner of Meadowbrook Flooring Covering. Mr. D. W. Durham is the original founder in 1959 and in 1973 Mr. B. L. Edgar purchased the store. Mr. Edgar, his wife, Margaret, and his daughter Kathleen, with the help of other employees, managed the business until Mr. Edgar retired and sold the business in 1976.

The new co-owners in 1976 where Kathleen Paynter and Max LaDuke.The store staff included outstanding employees including Kathleen's husband, John. In 2015 the company name was abreviated and renamed MB Carpet Inc. and the solitary owner is Kathleen Paynter.

MB Carpet business is flooring but understands customer satisfaction is top priority. The store location has moved over the years and was initially located in Eastside Fort Worth and now permanently resides at 2150 Hwy 1187, Mansfield, TX 76063.